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Closure of Footpaths 6.2 and 6.3

Footpath THAT/6.2 & part of footpath THAT/6.3 will be closed (red on plan) for up to 6 months from Monday 18th March 2019 for works associated with the Dunston Park Flood Alleviation Scheme. Alternative route via Cowslip Crescent (blue on plan).  

Colthrop & Midgham Level Crossing Closures 5th – 7th March 2019

Colthrop Lane in Colthrop and Station Road in Woolhampton will both be closed at their level crossings overnight from Tuesday 5th March for 2 nights while Network Rail install further safety features at the crossings. It is expected that both closures will be in place between 22:00hrs and 06:00hrs each night.   All enquiries should … more

Footpath Closure – Update

Footpaths THAT/17/1 & THAT/17/12 (solid red line on plan) will be closed for a further 5 working days between 8am and 5pm from Mon 25th Feb 2019 while dangerous trees adjacent to the path are felled. An alternative route can be found via footpath THAT/15/1 and Lower Way (blue dotted line on plan).  All enquiries … more

Chamberhouse Mill Lane 3rd December 2018

Chamberhouse Mill Lane will be closed east of Waterside Farm on Monday 3rd December 2018 while carriageway patching works are completed. Once the work begins it should be completed within approx. 4 hours. During the closure access for pedestrians and equestrians will be maintained. All enquiries should be directed to West Berkshire Council Highways Maintained … more


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