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The Mayor

Councillor Ellen Crumly, Town Mayor of Thatcham 2017-2018

Cllr Ellen Crumly, Town Mayor of Thatcham with her escort Cllr Richard Crumly (left) and Deputy Mayor Cllr Jan Cover (right.)

Councillor Ellen Mary Crumly, Town Mayor of Thatcham 2017-18

My husband, Richard, and I live in north Thatcham with our 7 year old Westie, Winston. We are both retired now but worked in central Thatcham for over 30 years, Richard as a Solicitor and me as a Legal Executive. Working in the hub of the town we came to know a lot about the people of Thatcham and the problems that the town faced. We found that the residents of Thatcham have a sense of ‘belonging’ to our town and indeed many long term residents still refer to it as ‘The Village’.

Our two children are grown up and have fled the nest. We have one beautiful granddaughter, Annabelle, who has recently turned one.

It was an honour to have been elected as Mayor last year and it is amazing to have been re-elected for another term. We enjoyed last year very much, meeting so many people and learning much about the town’s challenges and what it has to offer everyone. There is indeed something for everyone, from baby music and dance to afternoon tea dances for the slightly older generation!

I have chosen as my charities for this year, The Rosemary Appeal which is raising money for a new Renal Dialysis and Treatment Centre at the West Berkshire Community Hospital, and Young People and Children First which helps Foster Care Leavers as they move on to independent living. I am looking for new ideas to raise money so please let me know if you have any. I will also be tackling the continuing litter problem and hope to make some progress with this.

I look forward to another year and hope to meet as many residents as possible. I can be contacted via the Town Council Office at

If you would like to donate to the Mayor’s Fund please send a cheque payable to ‘Thatcham Town Mayor’s Charitable Fund’ to Thatcham Town Council, Brownsfield Road, Thatcham RG18 3HF.

Mayoral Invitations

If you would like to invite the Mayor or Deputy Mayor to your event then please complete this form or email or post to Thatcham Town Council, Brownsfield Road, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG18 3HF.

Invitations will be dealt with on a first come basis and whilst the Mayor will strive to accommodate where possible please check with Thatcham Town Council before making any arrangements dependent on the Mayor’s attendance.

Current Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Mrs Ellen Crumly

Ellen Crumly  
Thatcham Central

T: 07833 667 472


Mrs Jan Cover

Jan Cover  
Thatcham Central

T: 07880 753 904


Deputy Mayor

Past Mayors

2016 – 17  Councillor Ellen Crumly2003 – 04 Councillor J.M. Judge1990 – 91 Councillor K.W. Woodhams
2015 – 16  Councillor Sheila Ellison2002 – 03 Councillor J.M. Judge1989 – 90 Councillor K.G. Rye
2014 – 15  Councillor Gary Johnson2001 – 02 Councillor M.J. Gildersleeves1988 – 89 Councillor D. Cornish
2013 – 14  Councillor Mike Cole2000 – 01 Councillor R.B. Judge1987 – 88 Councillor M. Rees
2012 – 13  Councillor John Boyd1999 – 00 Councillor R.B. Judge1986 – 87 Councillor G.R. Lawson
2011 – 12  Councillor Lee Dillon1998 – 99 Councillor I.M. Street1985 – 86 Councillor A.A. Aslett
2010 – 11 Councillor Lee Dillon1997 – 98 Councillor P.B. Gildesleeves OBE1984 – 85 Councillor M.F. Barrett
2009 – 10 Councillor Stephanie Steevenson1996 – 97 Councillor P.B. Gildesleeves OBE1983 – 84 Councillor F.M. Hutchings
2008 – 09 Councillor Jenny Weaving1995 – 96 Councillor G.E. Cruse1982 – 83 Councillor P.B. Gildersleeves
2007 – 08 Councillor Phil Dray1994 – 95 Councillor A. Stevens1981 – 82 Councillor D.A. Thair
2006 – 07 Councillor Alexander Payton1993 – 94 Councillor A. Stevens1980 – 81 Councillor M.F. Barrett
2005 – 06 Councillor Phil Dray1992 – 93 Councillor R.B. Judge1979 – 80 Councillor R.B Tubb
2004 – 05 Councillor Sheila Ellison1991 – 92 Councillor R.A. Higgins1978 – 79 Councillor G. Pickersgill
1977 – 78 P.B. Gildersleeves
1976 – 77 D.E. Wootton
1975 – 76 H.J. Williams
1974 – 75 P. Davies


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