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Dunstan Green Unauthorised Encampment

(Issued at 4.45pm Thursday 7th June 2018)

The travellers left Dunstan Green this afternoon. Town Council Officers and contractors are onsite assessing the damage and clearing the rubbish.


(Issued at 9.47am Thursday 7th June 2018.)

At approximately 8.30pm on Wednesday 6th June 2018 travellers moved onto Dunstan Green off Harts Hill Road in Thatcham. Dunstan Green is a Thatcham Town Council site and is registered as a village green.

Thatcham Town Council is currently working with Thames Valley Police to move the travellers off the site and Town Council staff have arranged for contractors to be ready to clear the area once the travellers have left.

Further updates will be published on our website and via social media.


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