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Thatcham Town Council > Community News > Edible Thatcham launches Flagship Garden – 11.30am – 2pm Thursday 12th July

Edible Thatcham launches Flagship Garden – 11.30am – 2pm Thursday 12th July


Edible Thatcham launches flagship garden –  11.30am – 2pm Thursday 12th July

Herbal Teas and tasty edibles from the Town Council garden will be available to try at the open launch event, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the initiative and how to get involved.

Edible Thatcham was the brainchild of Councillor Jason Collis, motivated by the need for fresh fruit and vegetables to be available locally along with teaching residents of Thatcham about growing food and eating healthily.  Edible planting is created in public spaces across the town.

The Incredible Edible movement was created up North in a small ex-milling town Todmorden, in between Manchester and Leeds, and there are now hundreds of edible groups across the country and the world.

The garden outside the Town Council office on Brownsfield Road was designed with edibles in mind by Rachel Hammond, of Incredible Edible Oxford, and installed last year as the first step of a plan to create many edible planting areas in Thatcham.  The planting includes Fruit trees, soft fruit, strawberries, herbs and perennial vegetables, as well as edible plants.

The garden is managed by volunteers at monthly work parties, as well as local groups who maintain sections of it as part of their work, social engagement and therapeutic practices.  Everyone is welcome to join the monthly garden sessions, both at the Town Council garden and at the Community Orchard at the Nature Discovery Centre, which has been going for some years and Edible Thatcham is proud to work with.

Jason Collis says: ” Edible Thatcham is about bringing our community together; as we all need food it is the perfect thing for people to share a common purpose and enjoyment. We also aim to teach our young people more about where food comes from, involving our local businesses by promoting local fresh produce. Edible Thatcham represents a win win for everybody.”

This launch event is an opportunity to open the garden officially, enjoy some of the first year’s harvest together and spread the idea to all those in Thatcham.  The event is open to all between 11.30am and 2pm on Thursday 12th July.

CONTACTS: contact the group on or Rachel Hammond on 07970 780514


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