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Thatcham Festival

Date(s): Friday, 11th Oct 2019 - Sunday, 20th Oct 2019

Time(s): All Day

Welcome to the 19th Thatcham Festival. The Festival is a showcase of the very best of our town and there is something for all ages and interests.

This year there is a major section of The Festival devoted to engaging talks and discussions on history and heritage (as well as fiction with the well-known children’s author Holly Webb). It’s also the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and we are privileged to have a talk by Dr David Whitehouse with extracts on his book, Apollo 11: The Inside story. There is also a photographic exhibition ‘Then and Now’ which compares old found photo footage and contrasts them with new photos of the same view. It seems fitting then that 10 years ago a book was published called ‘THATCHAM, an historic town in a changing world’ and we think these talks will provide thought and discussion as we perhaps ponder the next 10 years ahead both for Thatcham and beyond.

For detailed, individual event listings follow Thatcham Festival on Facebook & Twitter or pick up a brochure from the following: Town Council Offices, The Nature Discovery Centre, Burdwood Community Centre, Frank Hutchings Community Hall, Thatcham & Newbury Libraries plus other participating venues or read the full programme online here.

Some events may require a free ticket which can be booked here.

See the full listing at a glance below and we look forward to welcoming you to Thatcham Festival shortly!



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