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Information received from Thames Water

Thames Water have informed Thatcham Town Council that two Odour Control Units (OCUs) at the Sewage Treatment Works in Lower Way, Thatcham, have failed.

The current timescales for the replacement of the OCUs is estimated at 8-10 months. Thames Water is taking steps to try and minimise the impact of odour and looking at the possibility of a temporary odour kit for the site.

Thames Water are working with their suppliers to assess the options and determine the right solution for their site and neighbouring properties.

If you notice increased odour that becomes a nuisance, which means it impacts the use or enjoyment of your home or other premises, then please email Thames Water on or contact their Customer Contact Centre on 0800 316 9800. If your complaint is not resolved please contact or West Berkshire Environmental Health Team on 01635 519192.


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