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Presentation of Thatcham Town Council Civic Awards 2017

Following public nominations and consideration by the Town Mayor of Thatcham, Councillor Ellen Crumly, and fellow Councillors it has been decided to present Civic Awards to the following people and organisations in recognition of the very significant contribution they have made to the wellbeing of the community of Thatcham.

Jane Wells
Jane, as an active member of the Spring Charity Fundraisers, introduced the Junior Fun Run to Thatcham in 2008. Previously it had been held at the Newbury Showground from 1997 and in Newbury Town Centre.
The 2008 Thatcham Junior Fun Run was such a success that the Town Council decided to expand the event. In June 2009 the first Thatcham Family Fun Day was held.
Each year Jane, with the assistance of fellow members of the Spring Charity Fundraisers, organised the Fun Run sourcing sponsorship for promotion of the run, medals, trophies and goody bags. At the end of 2014 the Spring Charity Fundraisers wrapped up their fundraising efforts having raised over £100,000 in 10 years with all the money raised having been spent on equipment for disabled young people and local organisations that offer them support. Jane continued to actively support the Fun Run working with Thatcham Sports Network for two years and is now handing over the event to a new organiser.
Her nomination acknowledges how Jane’s enthusiasm and commitment to the Fun Run has significantly contributed to how successful the Thatcham Family Fun Day has become.

West Berkshire Therapy Centre
Established in April 2014, West Berkshire Therapy Centre provides the opportunity for individuals to exercise in a safe, relaxed, accessible environment, using specialist power assisted equipment, under the supervision of qualified physiotherapists.
The number of clients who use the Centre’s facilities has steadily grown. Currently 250 exercise sessions are being provided each week.
The Centre is completely self-funding and overseen by unpaid trustees, who give their time freely, working in the background to ensure the smooth running of the Centre. A number of additional volunteers offer daily support to a relatively low number of professional paid staff for this type of organisation.
This facility is unique in the South of England, providing real benefits to people in very real need.

Iain Dunn, Leo Pieri & Brian Woodham of Thatcham Flood Forum
Iain Dunn, Leo Pieri and Brian Woodham have been active members of Thatcham Flood Forum since its inception in 2008.
They have worked tirelessly for the benefit of the residents of Thatcham, through raising awareness, providing information to residents, seeking funding for major flood defence works and completion of the Surface Water Management Plan for Thatcham.
In the autumn of 2014 the first physical defences were completed and a second project is about to commence, with further projects still to be completed Iain, Leo and Brian continue to devote their time to the Flood Forum.

The presentations took place before the town’s annual Mayor Making Ceremony which was held on Sunday 14th May at the Frank Hutchings Community Hall.


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