Thatcham Festival 2015

71 free events across Thatcham from Saturday 10th to Friday 23rd October 2015...


Vision Youth Club - 8 to 12 year olds

...every Friday at Moorside, 6pm - 8pm...


Messy Little Pickles

Coming to the Frank Hutchings Community Hall on 6th October at 10am...



Image by Alan Woolfendon

Image by Alan Woolfendon

Welcome to the Thatcham Town Council website.

This website provides information about Thatcham of interest to both residents and visitors. 

This website also details the services made available by the Town Council.

Thatcham Town Council's Key Objectives:

Objective One: To run the Council with value for money at the heart of its decision-making process

Objective Two: To represent the views of residents and businesses on issues affecting the Town

Objective Three: To enhance the sense of community within Thatcham

Objective Four: To promote local business and improve the Broadway

Objective Five: To protect and improve the open spaces, recreation facilities and heritage

Next Council Meeting:

Planning & Environment Committee on Thursday 8th October 2015, 7pm

Next Council Surgery:

Saturday 7th November, 10am - 12 noon on The Broadway Green