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Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) vacancy

Pay Scale SCP 29 – 32, commencing £15,580 per annum
Part-time – 18 hours per week


RESPONSIBLE FOR Finance Officer (p/t)

The Responsible Financial Officer is responsible for the financial management of the Town Council and is fundamental in ensuring the Town Council’s sound financial operation and compliance with the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 and the Transparency Act 2015, together with the Town Council’s own Financial Regulations.

This challenging role requires a qualified and experienced accountant, who is motivated, extremely organised and committed to supporting the effective and efficient financial operation of Thatcham Town Council, as a key member of the Senior Management Team.

The Responsible Financial Officer will manage all aspects of the Town Council’s financial administration in accordance with current legislation and the Town Council’s Financial Regulations; including, but not limited to:

  • budget setting, monitoring and forecasting
  • month-end and year-end
  • VAT returns
  • bank reconciliations
  • journals
  • internal and external audit
  • authorising expenditure
  • transparency
  • asset register
  • insurance
  • purchase ledger, sales ledger

To achieve this, the Responsible Financial Officer is supported by the Finance Officer.

As part of the Senior Management Team, the Responsible Financial Officer is also expected to support the overall effective and efficient management of the Town Council, as required.

The role requires regular evening work; therefore, a flexible approach is essential.

The Town Council is also sole managing trustee of the Turnfields Recreation Ground Charity and the Responsible Financial Officer administers this small function.


  1. Financial Management

To efficiently manage and monitor the Town Council’s finances and to advise the Council on a financial strategy that will meet its financial and policy objectives.

To maintain arrangements for effective financial management and the preparation of accounting statements, and to ensure that all the accounts conform to the requirements of the Audit and Accounts Regulations

  • Develop and maintain systems of internal financial control
  • Prepare budgets of income and expenditure for consideration by the Council
  • Apply budgetary control of all the Town Council’s income and expenditure
  • Deal with matters arising from invoicing of users and payment of suppliers, in liaison with relevant colleagues
  • Regular review of aged debts and action where required to deal with late payment and nonpayment

To maintain the purchase ledger and payments system, the sales ledger, cashbooks, undertake bank reconciliations and calculate and complete quarterly VAT returns in compliance with deadlines

  • Oversee the purchase ordering and purchase ledger functions
  • Maintain a petty cash imprest system
  • Reconciliation of all cash movements on a regular basis including monthly bank reconciliations

To prepare budget reports to Council and its Committees and prepare the annual budget estimates/forecasts and recommendation of the precept for consideration by the Finance & General Purposes Committee, and thereafter the Council, having consulted all Committees and included their recommendations.

To prepare the year end accounts, annual report and supporting statements for audit and complete the Annual Return for the Town Council’s External Auditor.

To make appropriate banking arrangements

  • Oversee the receiving and recording of payments made to the Council and ensure that all income is prepared and submitted for banking on a regular basis (at least once per month)
  • Manage the Town Council’s bank accounts to meet cash flow requirements and to advise the Investment Working Party and Finance and General Purposes Committee in relation to the investment of Town Council funds
  • Ensure the Town Council’s finances are invested to the best reasonable advantage and security, in liaison with the Investment Working Party and Finance and General Purposes Committee
  • Ensure the proper care and security of all cash and the moneys of the Town Council in collection and banking

To process Councillors’ allowances, twice a year.

To oversee the Town Council’s payroll service, provided by an external service provider.

To assist in maintaining a good Governance structure for the Council

  • Ensure the Councils policies and procedures are carried out in relation to the financial administration of the Council
  • Annual review of Financial Regulations for relevance and compliance (in particular, any updates and amendments required/necessitated by changes to statute and government regulations) for adoption by Council
  • Prepare and maintain Financial Risk Management documentation, for approval by Council at least annually
  • Prepare the Annual Governance Statement

To work with colleagues in matters relating to financial, tender, budget, contract and other relevant work

  • Work with Senior Managers to ensure quotes and tenders for works, goods, contracts and services all comply with the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations
  • Ensure the Town Council’s obligations to insure are properly met (the proper care, security and adequate insurance of all the Council’s assets)
  • Maintain the fixed asset register – carry out checks of stock on a regular basis
  • Ensure inventories are regularly updated, in liaison with relevant colleagues

To ensure the Town Council complies with all relevant statues, regulations and proper practice including the publication of such data as may be required

  • Collate financial information for publication – Meet publication requirements of Transparency Code 2015
  • Data Transparency

To ensure all Officers of the Town Council comply with the Council’s Financial Regulations.

To record all Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy receipts and expenditure during the year, liaising with Senior Managers to ensure funds are expended within deadlines.  

To administer the Town Council’s Community Grant Scheme.

To prepare an information leaflet for Council Tax payers, detailing how the precept is to be spent.

In the absence of the Town Clerk, to check and authorise payments from the Clerk’s account.

To support other Officers and Managers of the Town Council

  • in seeking sponsorship and grant funding to support the services of the Town Council
  • to carry out financial risk assessments on projects and activities of the Council
  • to ensure the Town Council achieves value for money in all its activities
  • to ensure that contracts due for renewal are properly advertised in accordance with current legislation and ensure correct procurement procedures are followed for all tenders and contracts

Meet regularly with the Town Clerk and other Senior Managers to ensure good communication is maintained.

2.     Committee Management and Administration

Attend meetings of the Finance and General Purposes Committee and associated Working Parties (currently 1 active Working Party); prepare agendas and reports prior to meetings, produce Minutes and take up matters arising from the meetings.

Ensure all lawful instructions of the Town Council are carried out.

  • Legal Matters

Ensure all financial activities of the Town Council meet all statutory regulations etc.

Ensure all decisions taken by the Finance and General Purposes Committee, and associated Working Parties, are legal.

  • Staff                           

Responsible for the line management of the Finance Officer.

  • Policy                        

Support and assist the Town Clerk to:

  • Review and make recommendations for amendment of Council policies and procedures
  • Monitor implementation of adopted policies and procedures

 6.     Turnfields Recreation Ground Charity       

Clerk to Trustees of Turnfields Charity , preparing annual accounts of the Turnfields Recreation Ground Charity and, once approved, submit to the Charity Commission.

  • Events           

As part of the team, assist with Town Council Civic and Community events whenever


  • General

Attend training courses as required, to ensure you stay abreast of changes in legislation and

procedures, and to support personal development.

Undertake any other duties that may be required from time to time, appropriate to the grade and designation of the post.

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