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Thames Valley Kings remain top of British Wheelchair Basketball Division three South-West with another win against Gloucester Blazers this past Saturday,  59-29.

Kings came off the bench at the start of the game firing on all cylinders as excellent defending and pinpoint shooting allowed them to open an 18-4 lead by the end of the first quarter. The start of the second quarter saw a fightback from the Blazers as they tried valiantly to come back, with 5 unanswered points, before the quarter became more of an end to end battle with baskets being traded from both sides, Joe Humphreys and Reece and Liam Barker all finding the net – the score at the half-time buzzer, Kings 28 Blazers 19.

The same end-to-end battle was the story at the beginning of the third until about half-way through the quarter where Kings solid defense and strong counter-attack came through with Chris Nash, Humphreys and the Barker Brothers all netting in a 16 point fury to take the score to 25-46 in favor of the Kings. The Final quarter was similar to the end of the 3rd with solid defense and strong counter-attacks from the Kings enabling the Kings to take the win at the final buzzer.

Club captain, Wayne Burton stated after the game “That was a great result for us and I feel it’s a real turning point going to Blazers and grabbing the win. I feel the real reason for this now is because we really do play well as a team with great passing and some brilliant defending that’s made it hard for a lot of teams this season. ”

Coach Grant Barker chats to the team between the 3rd and 4th quarters


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