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Thatcham’s Heritage

On Saturday 6th October 2018, Thatcham Town Council unveiled an inaugural blue plaque on the outside of the Kings Head Public House, as part of a series of planned, new style installations celebrating the heritage of Thatcham. The pub, found at the end of Thatcham Broadway, played a huge part in a nationally significant event in 1784, when it became a stop during Britain’s first mail coach run.

Unveiling of a blue plaque at the King’s Head Inn.
Unveiling of a blue plaque at the King’s Head Inn.

The golden age of coaching dramatically changed the postal service, but suffered with the spread of the railway across the nation; and the coaching inns along the A4 slowly declined with the introduction of the Great Western Railway which dramatically sped up mail between Bristol and London.  However, the entrepreneurial Fromonts, who were the then landlords of the Kings Head, sold off parts of the pubs original facilities, that would have covered most of Waitrose’s car park and downsized into the building that we know today. Charlotte Fromont owned a large farm in South Thatcham and being business savvy, and realising the potential threat of the railway upon the coaching trade, she insisted that the railway went through her land and that is why Thatcham train station is not in the centre of town!

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