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The Kingfishers and the Mayor are off to Wembley!

At an extraordinary meeting of Thatcham Town Council on Monday 9th April, it was agreed to reschedule this year’s Mayor Making ceremony. The unprecedented decision was made at the request of the current Town Mayor, Councillor Ellen Crumly.

In recent months the Mayor had become a regular supporter of Thatcham Town Football Club, attending matches with her husband Councillor Richard Crumly. They were delighted when the Kingfishers beat 1874 Northwich on Saturday 24th March in the FA Vase semi-final. Then Madam Mayor realised the date of the final against Stockton Town at Wembley Stadium clashed with the town’s Mayor Making ceremony.

The FA Vase competition is open to all teams without professional players and the winning team will receive £30,000 in prize money. Thatcham had never before reached the FA Vase final and the Mayor was keen to be able to attend the match.

The Mayor Making ceremony is the first part of the Annual Meeting of the Town Council which includes the election of the Town Mayor (Chairman of the Council) from the 18 Elected Members. Normally this takes place on a Sunday afternoon in May with the second part of the meeting taking place the following Monday evening. For this year the entire Annual Meeting will take place on Monday 21st May starting at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber, Brownsfield Road, Thatcham and members of the public are welcome to attend.

The FA Vase final will kick-off at 12.15pm on Sunday 20th May with the Town Mayor; Deputy Mayor, Councillor Jan Cover; and the Mayor’s Escort, Councillor Richard Crumly in the stands watching the match. Madam Mayor said “I am delighted that Thatcham Football Club has made it to FA Vase final. It is a very unusual situation and I am grateful to my fellow Councillors in supporting the request to rearrange our meeting so that we can attend the match. I am looking forward to being with the other supporters at Wembley, cheering on our team.”

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