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The Old Bluecoat School Progress Report

Having fixed the exterior of OBS, Trustees are now turning their attention to the interior.

There is a long-standing damp problem affecting the southern wall, which faces the Bath Road. Investigations are proceeding and Trustees hope that the problem can be fixed without having to take up the concrete floor. This would result in an archaeological dig, which is a fascinating possibility on one hand, as who knows what lies beneath, but will put the building out of action for months, so on balance Trustees would wish to leave the floor in situ.

Plans are also in hand to install a disabled toilet and remodel the current very modest kitchen facility.

If you have walked past the building recently you will have noticed the northern windows are boarded up. Sadly the windows have now been vandalised four times in three years and the Trust is in the process of applying to install CCTV and mesh grilles. Trustees have decided enough is enough.

If you are interested in the future of the Old Bluecoat School you could become a Friend or even a Trustee. In either case Chairman Clive Williams would be very happy to hear from you on 01491 671631 or e-mail


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