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Community Grants

Each year Thatcham Town Council awards small grants to local organisations offering services that benefit the residents of Thatcham.   Grants may be used to cover capital or revenue costs and organisations must be able to demonstrate sound financial management and identify clearly what the grant will be used for.

All applications for grant aid from the Town Council are administered via The Good Exchange.  Applications can be uploaded to The Good Exchange at any time and will be considered by the Town Council during a twice yearly process. 

In addition to the Town Council’s Policy set out below all applications must also adhere to the criteria stipulated on The Good Exchange portal.


Thatcham Town Council wishes to be in a position to assist local organisations providing valuable services to the local community who have an exceptional funding need.  To support this the Town Council has adopted the following Policy:

  • The amount of the award will be at the discretion of the Town Council.
  • All applications will be considered on their merits, but in general, grants will be awarded for capital projects, such as the purchase of equipment, works to buildings, improvements to premises. In addition, the Town Council may support a community event, festival or other special event.  Grants towards running costs, salaries or consumables, may be considered in exceptional circumstances.
  • Grants will be awarded to voluntary groups and societies, clubs, not-for-profit organisations, charities operating in the Thatcham area where the benefit will be for the area.
  • Grants will not be awarded to individuals or to regional or national charities unless it is for a specific project in the Thatcham area or where there will be obvious benefit to Thatcham residents.
  • The purpose for which the grant is made must be in the interest of the Thatcham area which is defined by the boundaries of the Town Council. The benefit to the area or inhabitants must be commensurate with the expenditure.
  • Groups from outside the Parish who can demonstrate direct benefit to the area are eligible to apply.
  • No grant will be awarded to or for any commercial venture for private gain.
  • Retrospective applications will not normally be funded where the expenditure has been made, the project has been carried out or the event has taken place.
  • Thatcham Town Council reserves the right to request any further information that it deems necessary to assist the decision making process and grants will only be paid upon receipt of requested supporting documentation.
  • All grant recipients are required to provide the Town Council with a brief report, including photographs where appropriate, of how the grant has been utilised, how it has assisted the organisation or group and what it has achieved. This must be submitted within two months of the completion of the project or event for which the funding was awarded.
  • If the grant is put to purposes other than those for which it was awarded without the prior approval of the Town Council, the recipient organisation or group will be required to repay the grant to the Town Council.
  • The organisation or group should supply such information as the Town Council may request regarding the impact of the project on the Town Council’s area.
  • Recognition of the grant from Thatcham Town Council must be made in any publicity.

Assessing Applications

Applications will be assessed by:

  1. How well the grant will meet the needs of the community, providing positive benefit to the inhabitants.
  2. How effectively the group will use the grant.
  3. Whether the costs are appropriate and realistic.
  4. What level of contributions have been, or will be, raised locally.
  5. Whether the organisation or group could reasonably have been expected to obtain sufficient funding from another, perhaps more appropriate source.
  6. How the organisation or group is managed, as indicated by the supporting documentation provided.

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