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Thatcham Town Council operates a CCTV system covering Thatcham Broadway and High Street for the purposes of providing a safe and secure environment for the benefit of those who might live, work or visit the area. The system is not used to invade the privacy of any individual, except when carried out in accordance with the law.

The system is used for the following purposes:

  • to create a safer community
  • to reduce the fear of crime
  • to reduce the vandalism of property
  • to prevent, deter and detect crime and disorder
  • to gather evidence by a fair and accountable method
  • to assist the police, Thatcham Town Council and other Law Enforcement Agencies with identification, detection, apprehension and prosecution of offenders by examining and using retrievable evidence relating to crime, public order or contravention of bye-laws
  • to deter potential offenders by publicly displaying the existence of CCTV: having cameras clearly sited that are not hidden and signs on display
  • to assist all Emergency Services to carry out their lawful duties

How to apply for access to information held on the CCTV system:

Your Rights

Subject to certain exemptions, you have a right to be told whether any personal data is held about you. You also have a right to a copy of that information in a permanent form except where the supply of such a copy is not possible or would involve disproportionate effort, or if you agree otherwise. Thatcham Town Council will only give that information if it is satisfied as to your identity. If release of the information will disclose information relating to another individual(s) who can be identified from that information, Thatcham Town Council is not obliged to comply with an access request unless:-

  • The other individual has consented to the disclosure of information, or
  • It is reasonable in all the circumstances to comply with the request without the consent of the other individual(s)

Thatcham Town Council’s Rights

Thatcham Town Council may deny access to information where the Act allows. The main exemptions in relation to information held on the CCTV system are where the information may be held for: –

  • Prevention and detection of crime.
  • Apprehension and prosecution of offenders.

Should the release of the data be likely to prejudice any of the above purposes then access can be refused.

Recorded Images

All CCTV recordings are retained for a minimum period of 31 days. If no legitimate request for retention of the recordings has been made, it is then erased or overwritten. All requests for retention of recordings are considered against the provision of the Data Protection Act and the CCTV Code of Practice.

To apply for access to information held on the CCTV system, please complete and return the application form below.

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