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London Road Cemetery

Set in tranquil surroundings, London Road Cemetery offers a dignified and peaceful setting to lay loved ones to rest. Located in the east of the town, just off the London Road, it is possible to arrange for both burials and interments of cremated remains. The Cemetery opened in 1887 and is made up of three distinct sections, the oldest of which hosts a small Chapel.

London Road Cemetery
London Road Cemetery.


Visitors are requested to abide by the Cemetery rules which exist to provide for the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of all. Full regulations can be downloaded below and are on display at the main car park entrance.

  • The Cemetery Superintendant is normally available between 8.30am and 5pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 8.30am and 4.30pm on Fridays.
  • Car parking is provided at the car park by the main entrance just off the London Road (A4). Only disabled or elderly visitors may take a car onto the loop roads and they are asked not to drive onto the grassed areas. The loop roads are single lane and are used by funeral corteges.
  • Please note there is a height barrier of 2.1 metres at the entrance.
  • If visiting out of hours please be respectful of the site and the surrounding neighbours.
  • Public conveniences are situated near to the Cemetery office.
  • Water is provided from taps located around the Cemetery. Watering cans are kept by the taps and it is requested that you please return them after use.
  • There is  24 hour pedestrian access located via the vehicular access road, which is signposted off the London Road (A4), just west of the Texaco petrol station.
  • You can find the Cemetery via Google Maps.

United Service of Remembrance

Each July the Town Council organises a United Service of Remembrance in the Cemetery grounds. This is an opportunity for bereaved families and friends to come together to remember their loved ones. The Service is open to all and further details can be viewed here.

Cemetery Chapel and Book of Remembrance

The Chapel is used for small, intimate services, and also houses the Book of Remembrance which was donated to the town by Mr. Richard Wallington and his family in loving memory of his wife, Sheila. The Chapel is open on weekdays when the Cemetery Superintendent is on site. Members of the public are invited to go in and spend some time in quiet reflection. The Book of Remembrance will be open at the current week of the year and the Cemetery Superintendent will be happy to turn it to another page on request.

The inscriptions in the Book of Remembrance are fitting and lasting tributes. Relatives and friends may have the names of the deceased entered in the Book, and, if desired, a memorial inscription and illustration. Inscriptions are beautifully crafted by a professional calligrapher and it is strongly recommended that entries are recorded by date of death. The Book will become an important historical document and recording entries in this way will allow a record to be traced more readily in the future.

Within the Chapel there is one wall dedicated to displaying commemorative plaques. The plaque should be purchased by you, measure 6.5 cm deep by 13 cm wide and will be installed by the Town Council.

Arranging a Burial

Your Funeral Director will usually make all the necessary arrangements with the Council, however, if you prefer or need to make the arrangements yourself, the Council’s staff can help offer advice and help with completing any forms required.  Enquiries regarding arranging an interment may be made on Mondays to Thursdays between 9am to 5pm and on Fridays from 9am to 4.30pm

  • The normal times for interments to take place are between 10am and 3.30pm from Monday to Thursday and between 10am and 3pm on a Friday. Interments may take place before or after the normal times but there will be an extra charge made. Burials may not take place on Saturdays, Sundays or on Bank Holidays.
  • An Exclusive Rights of Burial (EROB) must be purchased before a memorial stone is installed or the plot re-opened for a further interment. An EROB can be purchased when making interment arrangements or at a later date. If an EROB has been purchased in advance the certificate should be produced to the Town Council in order for the grave to be re-opened.
  • An Exclusive Right of Burial for a plot may be purchased without an interment taking place. Some families purchase the EROB to an adjacent grave so that in future loved ones may be buried in a plot alongside those who were closest to them. In this instance the EROB should be purchased at the time the original interment takes place as reservations and interments will take place in strict sequential order.

After the Burial, Maintenance and Memorials

Visitors and the bereaved can find it helpful if they understand what to expect after a burial has taken place.

Flowers are placed on graves as soon as possible and this is usually about two to three hours after the burial. Our Cemetery Superintendant is sympathetic and understanding and will advise the best time to return to see the floral tributes suitably arranged.  Floral tributes are left on display for up to 21 days. After this time (or earlier if the flowers fade or become unsightly) the Cemetery Superintendent will carefully remove and dispose of the flowers.

Following an interment a grave will subside over a period of time. Periodic re-levelling or seeding of the affected area will take place as the grave settles. This operation is dependant on the weather and other calls on the time of the Cemetery Superintendant but we always remain very aware of the need to complete such work as quickly as is practicable. This allows us to maintain the good appearance of individual graves and of the entire Cemetery.

All but the oldest section of the Cemetery are designated lawn areas. This means that there are specific regulations indicating how graves should be kept and what may be placed on them. This is to ensure an acceptable standard which offends no-one and to prevent damage to personal items during grounds maintenance. The regulations are also intended to ensure the safety of staff working in the Cemetery; broken items can be caught in grass cutting equipment and propelled with obvious danger to all in the area.

  • The surface may not be changed in any way e.g. plants or shrubs may not be grown on graves and shingle, gravel or other decorative material may not be used. The grave space may not be defined in any way.
  • Borders are not permitted as they can impede grass cutting.
  • Only memorials permitted by the Council are allowed and any unauthorised items, including toys and ornaments, may be removed from graves, without prior notice by our Cemetery staff.
  • Temporary Memorials – a wooden marker with a brass plaque may be placed on the grave space. These temporary memorials can be in place for up to 12 months and must conform with specific regulations concerning size, etc. These temporary memorials will be removed after the 12 month period has expired or on installation of a permanent memorial.

For any queries or more information about London Road Cemetery please use the Contact Us form or call the Council Offices on T: 01635 863592.

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