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Detached Youth Workers

Thatcham Town Council has partnered with RMD Adventure Learning to provide Detached Youth Workers to the street of Thatcham.

The partnership brings specialist youth workers to the town, for 6 hours a week, to provide street-based support to young people, principally up to the age of 18 years, in the places they like to meet.

As a complement to the town’s existing club-based youth work, the Detached Youth Workers provide:

  • information and advice to young people
  • encourage to be active participants in their communities
  • encourage and support young people to explore and access life enhancing opportunities
  • support young people in their own personal development and encourage them to develop positive relationships with others
  • acknowledge young people’s rights and provide opportunities for them to understand and exercise those rights, and
  • encourage young people to lead healthy lifestyles

Vince Parkes & Ed Ives-Wara, RMD Adventure Learning said: “It is an absolute privilege to be awarded the opportunity to support, encourage and inspire the young people we come across in the town of Thatcham. We will be in the local areas on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, you can recognise us by our purple hoodies or branded youth worker rain jackets. If you ever need support with anything just let us know and we will do our best to help you find a way forward.

Leader of Thatcham Town Council, Cllr David Lister said: “I have great pleasure in welcoming Detached Youth Workers back to the town. Our youth have amazing potential and this new partnership, between the Town Council and RMD, will help them to embrace the opportunities available and positively contribute to the community.”

RMD Adventure Learning can be found around the town on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons and if you see them do pop over and say hello. You can also keep updated with their work by following them on social media on the following platforms:

Twitter: @rmdadventure

Facebook: @rmdadventurelearning

Instagram: rmd_adventure_learning

Or for information on youth work opportunities with RMD, visit their website at:

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